Tuesday, 10 June 2008

This week I'm hating...

Big Brother. 

I have a number of reasons for this. I hate the fact that I watch it. Not constantly, thank fuck, but enough to keep up with what's going on. I hate the fact that it still exists, series one got pretty old fast, let alone series 2, 3, 4 ad-pretty much-infinitum. Series nine is here, and it all seems very much the same as it always has, people who crave naught but fame displaying themselves for the boring shallow folks that they are as they live their boring vanity driven lives 24 hours a day on live TV (and incidentally, if you watch the live feed, you will soon find out how to make 24 hours seem like at least 27). It is of course the people I really hate.......

Stereotypes are bad, and perpetuating them is even worse. Channel 4/Endemol are choosing the people that are on the show, yes, not everyone goes up for an audition, but from those that do it should be possible to find...

A gay man who is not entirely camp, plucked eyebrows, fake tan and able to make Jack from Will and Grace (which I also hate) seem reserved.

Young black women who do not have a superiority complex, bad attitude and a persecution complex...Yes, two competing and mutually perpetuating complexes. Yes dear we are all out to get you because you're better than everyone else.

Young white men who do not have to be silent all the time other than when they are denegrating others or elevating themselves. Also they could possibly have fashion sense that extended a little way beyond yoof, baggy trousers and hoodies are not all that exists.

Young women who don't compare themselves to the already famous for no reason. I'm just like that footballers wife I am the ones who get picked say. Well you're not I say, she's famous (weather she deserves to be or not), she'll stay famous for as long as her husband is and she wont be fronting the adult channel within six months.

Young women who don't believe that showing their naked bodies will make people like them. It is possible that people will like you for your personality, not the sight of your naked body, don't get me wrong I like looking at boobies, it's one of my favorite pass-times, but it's unnecessary to show me yours dear, they aren't (normally) all that nice.

A nutter who is not a nutter by choice. Yes we have had a guy with tourettes syndrome, a genuine crazy person, but he's negated by the fact that the producers chose him because of the fact that his illness would shock, plus he chose to be a nutter by dating that stupid whiny fucking woman. I shouldn't hate this years male nutter, he has a disability, but I do, he wanted to be on big brother.

A non comedy foreigner, serious people from other countries do exist... nobody could say that, say, Vladimir Putin is a comedy stereotype, you can find them, so why cant the producers? This year they're looking to cash in on the Little Britain phenomenon by giving us Ting Tong. Pity the phenomenon is over, isn't it.

I really cannot stand the people who get on this show, I know I'm not perfect, but really I find all these people truly hateful. I still hate myself for watching it though, though I do feel that you can't beat a good hate.....

It makes you feel alive!

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